LISTEN UP because “I’m OFFENDED BY / AGAINST _________ on RuPaul’s Drag Race”

So there’s been the whole She-Mail thing, and then I saw a post today where someone was complaining about the tic-tac meals at the end of the season because of eating disorders.

I use to listen to some of Chris Brown’s music, I thought he had some catchy songs. I didn’t like him putting his hands on a woman, I despise it… guess who doesn’t buy or listen to his music anymore ME.

Toddlers and Tiaras, I don’t watch it. I think it’s awful what they do, I’ve seen gifs on tumblr of these kids and they say funny cute things but those funny and cute things doesn’t change the other stuff that goes on, the other stuff I am STRONGLY against.

Chic-fil-A is good, they’re fuckin delicious, but awhile ago a lot of people stopped going when it was found out they were against the LGBT community. I stopped going! I hated that they did that, no matter how much I liked their food I wasn’t going to continue to eat there.

If you’re “offended” or “against” something you stay away from it no matter how good the other parts are like my things above.

Personally, I’m not “offended” by any of the things people have been complaining about in RPDR however..

I’m not saying some of you don’t think you’re “offended”, I think some of you out there who have complained really do think you are “offended” or against it, but you’re not at all nearly as “offended” or against it as you make yourselves out to be. Notice how “offended”.. is in air quotes throughout the entire post. If you’re truly offended or against something you stay away from it.. you might complain and try to get it ended because you feel it is wrong but you also stay away from supporting or viewing it. If you continue then you’re really not all that “offended” or strongly against it, you just don’t particularly like it.

If you think I’m wrong and you think you truly are strongly offended by some of the things on the show or against some of the things but continue to watch it then you really need to sit down and figure out why you view a show that contains something you are so offended and against, because something is very wrong about with “the good parts” of a show over trumping something you feel so strongly is wrong. Figure your shit out.